Monday, July 24, 2017

Book Review: Tilt-a-Whirl (The John Ceepak Mysteries Book 1) by Chris Grabenstein

I'm not a fan of cop shows or movies, but I find myself reading a lot of crime thrillers and other books and comic books starring cops and really enjoying them.

Tilt-a-Whirl (The John Ceepak Mysteries Book 1) is a crime thriller written by Chris Grabenstein. It's available as an eBook, audiobook, and those paper things your grandparents used to read.


Danny Boyle is a part-time cop working in a beachside resort town. He is partnered up with John Ceepak, ex-military still haunted by his time in the Middle East. They come across a young girl whose father has been murdered.

The Good

Pacing. This story had a really great pace. It never moved so quickly I couldn't follow what was going on, nor did it ever drag or lose my attention.

Likable Characters. None of the characters were really special, standout, or extremely well developed, but all were unique enough I could keep them straight, and all of them were very likable, even the evil bad guys.

Twist Ending. Most of the time with mysteries I have them figured out before the middle of the story. Occasionally one will throw a small twist I didn't see coming, but rarely am I surprised by final solution. This book generally surprised me. Even though all the clues were there, I did not see the twist after twist after twist coming.

The Bad

No Sense of Peril. Emotionally this story was very even with no real sense of peril or tension at any point. It would have been nice to have been at the edge of my seat at least a few times and worry about the characters and what would happen to them.

What I Would Like to Have Seen

Other than more tension, I don't think this book was lacking anything.


Tilt-a-Whirl (The John Ceepak Mysteries Book 1)
is a surprisingly good mystery with an ending I did not see coming and yet it made perfect sense given the clues. The story is very engaging, is filled with likable characters, and maintains a good pace that never drags. I give it a solid 4.5 out of 5 eReaders.



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