Tuesday, October 30, 2018

TV Show Review: Titans (2018) Episode 3 - Origins

So far, Titans has been an excellent series easily rivaling what Marvel has put out.

Titans is an 11-episode DC Universe series based on the characters appearing in DC Comics. It is rated TV-MA for language, violence, and blood and is appropriate for older teens and up.

The Good

Characters. Brenton Thwaites continues to nail the post-Batman Dick Greyson character. In this episode the others characters are finally starting to be fleshed out and become interesting.

 This episode presented the origin of Robin and more of Starfire and Raven's backstories. Their inclusions were very organic and added to the overall story.

Pacing. The pacing was very methodic. It was slow but didn't feel slow. Instead every element of the story was given an appropriate amount of time to breathe and develop.

The Bad

Politics. This episode paints the traditional family in a bad light, which is pure propaganda and socially irresponsible.

What I Would Like to Have Seen

Being able to binge watch all the episodes in one or two sittings.


Origins, the third episode of Titans (2018) continues to meet my expectations. The cast is perfect, the story had room to breath and develop, and the story continues to unfold at a great pace. I give this show 4.5 out of 5 remotes.


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